Since 1970 protagonists of the national aluminum industry

Niche Fusina Rolled Products is one of the world’s leading producers of industrial rolled aluminum products. The plant is located in the industrial area of Fusina, close to Venice, and was built to support the Italian aluminum industry.
Over the years, different companies have taken ownership of the plant and major investments have upgraded the equipment to maintain a competitive position in the market.
The plant is composed of a cast house and rolling mill, to manufacturer finished products such as "sheets”, “plates” and “shates”, with a production capacity of 75,000 metric tons. The plant specializes in serving the commercial transportation, marine and general engineering sectors.
The Casthouse is equipped with two modern casting lines with melting furnaces, casting furnaces, degassing and filtering units and can deliver up to 95000 MT of slabs to the Rolling Mill Plant, 90 % of which of hard alloys. After the preliminary scalping and preheating operations, the slabs are rolled by the Hot Mill to produce coils and plates to feed the main products lines (Sheets and Plates)
The Sheets, from 2 to 8 mm thick, are cold rolled by a state of art IBK Cold Mill (2500 mm net width), thermal treated (three batch annealing furnaces), de-coiled and cut to length at the final dimensions; heat treatable alloys from 2 to 5 mm can be solution heat treated with the Continuous Furnace Line.
The Plates, with gauges above 8 mm, are stretched, thermal treated and sawn to size; roll products above 80 mm are also feasible in the soft annealed condition (up to 110 mm indicatively). The combination between the alloys and the production processes allow to reach the different physical properties defined by the International Standards that fit with customer needs and expectations required by the markets.


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