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Fusina is committed to operating a sustainable business and being a global leader in environmental stewardship.

We produce a range of low carbon aluminium products with an average of 70% recycled content and offer end-to-end carbon tracing via our partnership with CarbonChain.

Since the start of 2023, Fusina has started providing its customers the carbon footprint information for its tailor-made aluminium coils, sheets and plates. Our clients and partners receive (upon request) the average product carbon footprint information/report attached to their invoices. This can be used in their own Scope 3 reporting and product lifecycle calculations.

We provide carbon footprint data for all aluminum products

The scheme was originally rolled out in with marine and road transportation products delivered into Germany, Italy, Benelux, and Scandinavian markets. During 2023 carbon footprints will be available across all Fusina’s products and countries.

Fusina is using the services of carbon accounting platform CarbonChain for the calculations. The measurements will include all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), using the ‘cradle to-gate’ approach.

Supply Chain

All upstream supply chain emissions associated with input materials (primary and scrap aluminum), from the extraction of bauxite at the mine to delivery at Fusina.


All process emissions involved in operating Fusina’s integrated plant, which contains a cast house, rolling mills and finishing lines.

As part of making product emissions available to customers, Fusina will be calculating its entire corporate carbon footprint associated with manufacturing aluminum (Scopes 1, 2 and 3), to understand the impact of existing efforts towards emissions reductions (including recycling on-site and use of 30% scrap in input ), and to proactively continue to identify ways to reduce the carbon intensity of its products, production and supply chain.


Aluminum is the most carbon-intense base metal, at the same time as being a critical material in the energy transition. Fusina’s customer base represents the marine, commercial transportation, and industrial sectors, who increasingly want to find lower-carbon options, whether to meet their own regulatory and reporting requirements, or to meet their own climate targets towards net zero.

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