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The Fusina plant specialises in the production of Commercial and Marine products, for lightweight solutions and general engineering applications.


Performance is vital in the yard and in the water. That’s why so many of today’s best performing vessels (large and small) are constructed using Fusina Low Carbon Aluminium.


Whatever the cargo, Fusina’s Endur-Al’s exceptionally hard surface resists abrasive wear like no other comparable alloy. As well as reducing the need for ongoing repair, this gives Endur-Al tipper trailers a considerably longer working life than any other conventional materials.

Road Transportation

Fusina Automotive Aluminium products are 60% lighter than steel and 100% recyclable offering unrivalled versatility.


Fusina Aluminium in the mill finish or brushed surface offers the optimal solution to protect materials against the natural elements, wildlife and moisture.


Fusina products are light, provide longer range, offer best in protection against fragment, direct shot and corrosion resistance for less maintenance and longer lifetime.

General Engineering

Fusina Rolling is capable to provide a wide range of General Engineering products, Heat Treated or Not Heat Treated, to meet and satisfy every customer expectation.


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